A body positive workshop and exhibition that celebrates beauty in all shapes and sizes.

Kiwi Women Wanted

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Body Positive Road Show

The Great New Zealand Treasure Hunt

Imagine a golden sparkly caravan covered in golden torsos of women of all shapes and sizes.  The front of the caravan is the home to a mermaid like golden bust of a woman .  When the door opens golden glitter blows into the town.   The Golden Shield Maidens have arrived.
Hi...I'm Mandi Lynn, New Zealand's 2017 Creative Photographer of the Year, and I head this merry band of social artivists who started the #Everybodyisatreasure project.

 It all started on our kitchen bench

So the story begins with a golden bath bomb and one or two glasses of cider.  We were enjoying our selves making bathbombs for Christmas presents when I became fascinated with the sparkles of the mica on my hands.  I got the crazy idea of mixing the golden mica with bentonite clay and covering myself and some friends and photographing our torsos.  The result was playful, inspiring, and it started a trend in our region.  We challenged our other friends to join us and pretty soon there was a waiting list of over 100 women volunteering to get their kit off and gild their torsos.

It isn't for everyone but it can change lives

It was challenging and confronting for some women and liberating and inspiring for some.  But everyone who came in contact with the project was asked to stop and at least consider the relationship she had with her body.   And then we asked the question..."What would be different in your life if you treated your body as your best friend?"
The women we have photographed so far range in size from a size 6 to a size 30 and age 18 - 78.   We have two breasted women, and one breasted women, women with lumps, and women with scars, women with rolls, and women with flat chest and "boy bodies"...their words not mine.  Some women really struggled with their relationship with their body.  Some of them were finally embracing all that they were and accepting their perfect "imperfections".  The image we created appropriately ended up winning a coveted Gold award at the National Professional Photography Awards in June of 2017.     People came up to me at the awards and said that seeing this image had changed the way they viewed their own body.  The exhibition of the image was spreading the intended seeds of self love to the people that were seeing it.

I Smell a Road Trip - North Island Funded!

There is so much more of a story to tell with this project   What if....what if we took this project on the road and out of just the Wellington region?  Could we start a Mojolution?  A revolution where women begin to treat their body as the treasure that it is?  We could reduce the amount of time and energy being wasted on worrying about lumpy butts and instead free up energy for creating more kindness and creativity in the world.

Our plan is to first do the road trip.  Then if our grants and fundraising efforts bare the necessary fruit we will create a short film pilot for a webseries and a limited edition book that celebrates the diversity of bodies in New Zealand not just the genetic 1-2% featured in the mainstream media.   A book that can be displayed to give society a reality check on the human female form...one that isn't informed by photoshoped magazine ads, carefully curated social media, or porn.
So what are we asking for?  Ferry Crossing Money with our wee Vintage Caravan to hold body positive workshops as well as Everybody is a Treasure photoshoots .  We want to do these free of charge for people so we are looking for some help to offset the costs of shutting our photography studio down for two months to do this project.
We have friends all over New Zealand so between our van, a tent, and that accommodation costs will be light. It is a smell of an oily rag sort of adventure and we would love for you to come along with us on it in spirit.

How you can help -

Step one -

If you feel it and can spare it, you could donate something towards the ferry costs.  For your money you might get to see golden boobs driving around this summer spreading glittery self treasuring vibes in their wake.  It will be like a unicorn only golden and in the form of a vintage caravan and a well used people mover.

You can donate here:


Step two

if you are feeling brave enough... become a Golden Shield maiden yourself and feature in the book we are making.  You will need to drop your normal life for a few hours in an evening and come and get gilded and let your true soul colours shine.    (the shoot is anonymous...no faces just torsos so if you are gunning for prime minister or something like that you can still get away with it.) You can get on the waiting list for your area by signing up at the top of this page.
Thats it.  You are awesome just as you are.  Not 10kgs from now, not just when you had less wrinkles or grey hair...but right now in your epic brilliance that is you in this perfectly imperfect moment in time.  You are a treasure.  And I hope to meet you on our travels.
Mandi Lynn
p.s. if you know of anyone at Interislander or Bluebridge make sure you stick this under their nose to see if either of them will let us hitch a ride and sponsor the project.



Have a Business and Want to join the New Zealand Treasure Hunt?

Well darlin by all means get in touch and if your company's vibe and awesomeness matches what we are trying to do we can talk about how we can work together.  If your company culture looks after Mother Nature, believes in human brilliance no matter their size shape age or colour... well we could be a good match.  You can get in touch with us by emailing us at artists@alamojostudio.com with the subject heading: Treasure Partner.


Your Experience


Body Positive Workshop

Each #Everybodyisatreasure experience starts with a two hour Mini Mojo Dojo,  Mandi Lynn's body positive workshop.  At round table discussions you talk about the difference between a body shaming and a body treasuring mentality as you get to know that other ladies who have also welled up the courage to join you on this adventure.   Then Mandi Lynn gives a talk about  the project.  There may be various guest speakers at different venues but this is the baseline experience.


Golden Healing Clay

You are given a couple of golden pottles made from Bentonite clay, distilled water, and cosmetic grade mica which you spread over your torso.



Why Clay and not Paint?

  • clay looks beautiful when it goes on
  • It is symbolic as the clay is a natural  detoxifier and this project seeks to detoxify societies mindset regarding our bodies.
  • You apply it on yourself so it becomes an active form of self care.
  • As you apply it you are sending a message to your body that it is in fact treasured by you.
  • Your skin should feel soft and beautiful afterward.

You are anonymously photographed

You stand in Wonder Woman pose.  Feel yourself welling up your strength and power despite your possible nerves.  Some people have wept at this point.  Some people have laughed.  Some have gritted their teeth and got on and done it anyway.  Some just let the biggest smile ever spread across their face.  Each response is completely appropriate to that woman's experience and place on the journey to self love. The photograph is cropped from the neck to the waist and added to the collection.  The photoshoot itself is quite a quick process.  Only a few frames are needed.


You are shown your image

You are shown your image from the day before you go.  For some this is a healing moment.  For some it can be confronting...that is what the process is all about and each space is completely honoured.  It helps you to clearly see where your mindset is on the spectrum of body shaming to body treasuring.


You become part of the sisterhood

After the shoot everyone who participated comes back together in a circle of sisterhood.  We discuss what the experience was like for you and support each other in that journey.  The conversation continues on a private facebook group where we share insights on our journey together and support the body positive movement as a whole.

The Next When and Where

When and Where?

The next journey for the EverybodyisaTreasure Project is Berkeley on the 5th of August

Then back to New Zealand to fundraise to take the project around the North Island and then Ferry fundraising permitting down to the South Island.

Looking for Venues:

We have petrol money to get the show to these cities but we are currently looking for venues that would like to host the event.   The more venues we get donated the more money we will have to cover the cost of the ferry to the south island and to cover the cost of the camera woman for the short film.    So any Venues with seating for around 100 people and an attached bathroom that are willing to support the project in these cities please let us know:

Auckland, Martinborough, Whanganui, Taupo, Somewhere in the Far North, Gisborne, Hawkesbay, Wellington. Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown,  Greymouth

Proposed Dates – Jan 2018

Become a Golden Model


(You will want to reserve your space early as there is usually a waiting list just as long as the group that is able to attend. )

"Dear Mandi,  I'm exhausted but happy. Today was wonderful...you made me feel special, beautiful and blessed to have a wonderful body. I got to see myself through my wee girls uncritical eyes too. I also made a new friend with one of the other ladies!! Sadly when wiping off the gold paint later the imagine of myself in the mirror was less favourable...but I will continue to work on my self image. There were some very brave ladies there today. Yes your campaign is amazing...raising awareness for other women, girls and boys about what beautiful a range of 'normal' women can look like. But also you are changing the lives of every women you photograph. I saw tears and smiles but your love and positivity shone like a beacon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Anna


Whose idea was this?

Hi i'm Mandi Lynn, a body love activist and master photographer.

I run a day retreat for women where we use photography as a means to help unpack body positive issues and learn to pull inner beauty to the surface. Each day I get women in my studio who are either camera shy, or who feel invisible.  I use my camera and my words as tools to help women on that journey.

Before I was a photographer, I worked for 15 years in Women's Health as a Nurse Consultant.

My main goal in life is to start a Mojolution that reverses the body shaming culture that currently exists and help young women learn to treasure their body as their best friend for life.

Mandi Lynn
Image by Helen Duncan

Become a Golden Model


Get on the Waiting List

By putting your name on the waiting list it helps us to show the grants committees that we have support in your region to come...so share with any one you think might enjoy it as well.
You can leave the list at any time. Removal instructions are included in each message.